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Welcome to Rife News.looking for a WordPress tutorial ? That helps promote your business or blog website? stay here because you can find hundreds of free WordPress tutorial. Rife News is a special blog that contains the WordPress tutorial. The WordPress tutorial we created mostly for beginners, who have the talent and excellent capabilities that they can manage their own business website or WordPress blog and save some money.We always try our best to make that tutorial easy and effective that not only help you to understand our tutorial well but also you have the chance to learn something new.

Rife News established on April 10, 2004, at the time I made a very simple until now it looks better.  When I start I write myself but now Behind the Rife News, we have 5 more writers. They constantly try to make that website more valuable. We will always try to publish good WordPress tutorial that helps you lot to move your website one step forward.

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Rife News Author JohnHi, my name is John, I am the founder of Rife News. I born In India My parents Move In US when I was Just 5. After completing my graduation I join a web development firm.  I work for there more than 5 years. In that mean time, I created my first WordPress template and submit it to theme forest. It’s one of my lucky charms. It’s really performed well then I decide I quit my job and professionally create word press templates. I also write about WordPress Tutorials and Tips, SEO Tips and Tricks, CSS Edits and Tips about money making process.

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