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Choosing A WordPress Theme Tips And Tricks

WordPress Theme TipsChoosing a good WordPress template is not an easy task. While a large number of them out there, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of people options and options. It may also be time-consuming. I search the internet and seen a large number of people ask help to find a quality theme for their business or blog. That’s the reason I write this article. I hope it helps you to find a good quality theme.  In this Post, I’ll try my best to help you find out a good quality theme. If you already have enough idea about it then this post is not for you. You can check my other WordPress advanced tutorial. Ok, let’s move forward.

When choosing a Theme: WordPress Theme Tips

Before you go out there to find out a theme doesn’t forget to make a plan. Like what kind of website you try to build. If it’s business purpose we need a template that has an awesome CTA (call to action) Button. Space for company phone number, email address, physical address and possible a good quick contact form. If its Blog or News purpose we need cool widget area, an awesome subscribe form , author biography cool social share button etc.you can tell me we can use plaguing for solve those problems but you may know lots of plaguing show down your website load speed. Someday we will discuss this matter in another article. All I just want to tell you, we need a plan.

Think about the theme demonstration as a puzzle.

If our Plan Is ready we can move forward.  As you know there are several theme marketplaces. Theme forest is one of them. Maybe it is the largest theme marketplace on the internet. In theme-forest, you can search for your desire them.  You can make your list sorted by review or most sellers. Now open a theme demo. Think it’s a puzzle now place your content whit your imaginary. If you think it’s fit for your requirement then move to the next level.

Don’t Confuse With The Theme Demo Content.

Most of the time people confused with the theme demo content. Let me give you an example it might help you. Suppose you try to build a lawsuit website. The theme demo you chose it shows you a dental practice website.  People May confused and they think it’s not the perfect template to build a lawsuit website. Unfortunately, it’s not true. A dental practice template can be using to builds a lawsuit website. Forget all the content you seen on the demo website. Use your imagination replaces all the dental content and image with your lawsuit content and image. If you think its good then what are you waiting for move next step.

Don’t Forget to Check The Other Facilities.

Most of the template doesn’t allow you to see the backend or configurations in the demonstration. But they will show you the color different techniques, various page style and other options like the widgets. If you want you can check the demo websites navigation bar. You might get some idea about the other theme facilities.

Take a look at all the theme features.

All of the themes have some special facilities. If you check the theme sell page you get some idea. It’s very important to read that information. In those sections, theme owner explains why you chose this theme.  Which plaguing is best for the theme Etc. I think an example make the whole things clear for you. Suppose you want to build a Multilanguage website and you chose WPML plaguing to build that but your theme not friendly with WPML plaguing. So don’t forget to check the theme features carefully.

When you have the chance, look carefully the Theme Documentation.

Most theme documentation can be accessed before purchasing that theme. It’s really good news for a new buyer. In this Theme Document, you found the exact idea how you customize the landing page.  How the theme Widget works. How they’re Sort code works Etc. Some popular template may share the video tutorial. You can find those video on YouTube.  Check the below Video You Get Some Idea about the video tutorial.

Ask A Pre-Sales Question.

Most of the theme owner allows you to ask pre-sales questions. If you have a question in regards to a theme that you are looking for you can ask. Most of them have theme forum. You can write your problem there. They always try to increase their sell so don’t hesitate or feel shy to ask them your question.

Browse The Theme Reviews.

Don’t forget to check there customer review. You get idea how good this theme is. If you want you can check their theme forum. Find out what problem most people fetching about. You can also take a quick survey on that theme. Search Google with “Theme Name + Bad Review” you get the actual idea how bad your theme is.

Ask those people you understand and trust.

If you have a web developer friend who has enough idea about WordPress blog ask him about the theme. You can also join some web developer forum or social group and ask them about the theme. If all goes well purchase the theme and make your awesome website. You can also ask us. Use contacts from we will try our best to help you.

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