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Complete Guide for WordPress Beginner's

How To Install WordPress In Local Host

I search on the internet and seen there are a couple of new developers who wants to know. How we Install WordPress in localhost ? Honestly, it’s pretty much easy task but I understand it’s not so easy for a WordPress beginner. In this article, we describe step by step how you Install word press in local host. The question is why you need a local host ? well, local host helps you to build your website on your computer locally. You can complete your whole design using localhost. It gives you fastest access to change your website data. if you want you can change any core PHP or CSS and observe the changes in a faster process. The most amazing thing in a localhost is when you changing a part of your website or entire design. Your visitor doesn’t be seen or you can say you can complete your design without bothering your visitor. after completing your design if you want you can move your website from localhost to web server. let go to the tutorial.

What We Need To create Local Host?

To build a local host it’s important to know what kind of operating system you use? If you using Linux it already has a pre-define localhost .However, In this article, We discuss how to create localhost in windows operating system. If you are using Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 XAMPP is the perfect software to create a localhost. You can download XAMPP In here. Some people use WAMP. It’s also pretty good tools to create localhost but personally, I recommend XAMPP build your Local Host. I forget To mention If you are using 64bit windows please download XAMPP in 64 bit. It’s performing better than 32bit.

xampp control panel

How To Install Local Host?

After completing your XAMPP download you can Install this software like you Install other software. Double click on the Exe file then sign-in the agreement then next. it is to be mention that this tools also offer some other software I recommend don’t install that. To avoiding unwanted software installation just uncheck the tick. you can also check the above video. Yo can Install your XAMPP by default C:/ drive or you can choose another drive. I recommend don’t Install it in C:/ drive. Choose any of your drive like D:/,E:/,F:/ . create a folder under those drives and install the software into that folder. In my case, I chose D:/ drive. under D:/ drive, I create a folder named Server.when you finished the installation check your Desktop or My computer Area You seen an XAMPP Logo over there. Just double click on it. you saw the software run perfectly now active Apache and MySQL if both of show green signal then it’s ok. you local host works perfectly. Some time apache not run. Don’t take a panic it’s just because you use SKYPE. Sometimes Skype creates problem to run Apache.

Skype Config

How To Solve Apache Run Problem.

Before you take any action it’s better you analyze the Apache problem. Now the question is how you check the apache problem? Open your XAMPP control panel below the control panel you saw the problem. Read the problem carefully most of the time it works good but some time SKYPE create a problem with the Apache. There is a quick way you can solve the problem just quite the skype properly and then try to run apache. Hope it’s work for you. Now move to the permanent solution. Open your Skype Apps Click Tools then select options. Under the Option then go to the advanced section. Under the Advance section. Go to the connection. On the right side screen, you saw the connection port. Make user port 80 and uncheck the user port 80 and 443. Now click Save and you done. Restart your computer and run apache it works perfectly.

How To Configure Your Local Host ?

It’s pretty much easy task to configure your localhost and run XAMPP control panel. Then active Apache and My SQL if everything goes well go to your web browser. you can use google chrome, firefox internet explorer almost all browser. now choose your browser in the address bar write localhost/ and hit the enter button you seen a web page with lots of languages. Now chose your Desire Language. I suggest chose the English language. When You select your language it moves you to an orange screen. That’s It The Configuration is complete now. We will discuss later the impotency of this orange page.

How To Install WordPress In Local Host?

Now it’s time to move WordPress files. Before We Install WordPress We Need A WordPress File. To download WordPress File Visit www.wordpress.org and download the latest version of WordPress. I recommend download WordPress in zipping format and Save It to your computer. Now Extract The WordPress File. Remember It Doesn’t Create Double Folder. Let Me Give You an Example : if your Folder Name Is WordPress When You Opened It You Seen Some PHP file And 3 Other Folder. If you complete this process let’s move forward.

Find Our The htdocs Folder

It’s time to place our WordPress File In Local Host. So first go to your XAMPP Install folder. In My case, I Install it in D:/ drive under a subfolder named server. Go to that server folder and opened It. You were seen there is a lot Of Folder There. Fiend Out The htdocs Folder And Open It. Now It’s Time To Move WordPress In htdocs Folder. Just Copy The WordPress Folder And Past It Under htdocs Folder That’s It. We Are Almost Done.

install wordpress

Install The WordPress Blog

Step 1: Now Go Back To Your Browser And Type “localhost/WordPress” You saw the word press welcome page and they need some information to complete the installation process like.

  • Database name
  • Database username
  • Database password
  • Database host
  • Table prefix (if you want to run more than one WordPress in a single database)

So first thing is first. let’s create the Database.and Move To the Next Level.

Step 2: To create a database go to your browser and type “localhost/” Now You saw the orange screen again. now at the bottom left corner under the tools section you seen PHPMy Admin. Click PHPMy Admin you saw a new page comes up. In that page menu, there is a button named “Database” click that button. in that page, you saw an option create a database. Give your database a name. I named It wpress and hit Create Button that’s it.

Step 3: Now Get Back To WordPress Welcome Page. and Click let’s Go button. Now In that page, WordPress ask you for

  • Database name
  • Database username
  • Database password
  • Database host
  • Table prefix

let’s fill out the form. So our database name is wpress. Our database user name Is “root” it’s a default name so you just use it. now move to the password section we don’t use any password so just click on it and remove “Password” text. We Leave It blank. You don’t need to change Database host and table prefix . Now Click Submit.

Step 4: Click run the install. In this section WordPress Ask you some information like

  • Site Title
  • Username
  • Password
  • Your Email
  • Search Engine Visibility

let’s Fill out the form. Site Title WordPress Ask your Website Name. Give a name to your website.Whenever you try to log in your WordPress they need your username and password. So fill the username and password section. If You Lost Your Password They Send You to your email so fill out the email sections. WordPress also ask you to index your website to google that’s the reason they ask Search Engine Visibility if you uncheck it google don’t index your website. If you fill all the form Click install WordPress. If you did all things perfectly you saw a Success! message. Now Click The log in button you see WordPress ask username and password fill it out and ready to rock. your new localhost WordPress is ready.

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