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Top 5 Minimalist WordPress Themes 2016

If you are looking for the most popular Minimalist WordPress themes. Then this article just for you. Here we discuss the top 5 most popular Minimalist WordPress themes. If you are a WordPress beginner and don’t know what is Minimalist WordPress themes is. Then It’s better you get some idea what is  Minimalist WordPress themes is. Some Well Known Developer made those theme for personal use with minimal functionality. Mostly that kind of theme use for a personal blog or community blog. I mention above that theme made with minimal functionality so it does not weight your website. Thos Theme is 100% Seo Friendly and Google speed test verified. if you need a lightweight WordPress theme for your blog  then check our top 5 most popular Minimalist WordPress themes.


#5 Papaver

Papaver is one of the most popular lights weight WordPress theme. The total theme file size is 0.2 MB. Papaver mainly focuses on your website word. The Theme doesn’t have any widgets areas.The coolest fetcher is you can write your content one, two or three column variations. if you want to download this theme Click here.


#4 Untitled

Untitled is one of the coolest creation of team Automattic .I really like this theme because it gives us lots of functionality with lightweight. This theme has a cool right sidebar. You also get a fixed header image. Featured post functionality and also if you want you can add featured images. Alls Comes With subtle CSS3 transitions. If you want to download this theme Click here


#3 Dazzling

If you need a lightweight WordPress theme for your business then Dazzling is just for you. It’s Prety simple colorful and it’s responsive.You can customize your theme color. It has lots of color variations with an awesome call to action button. You get lots of widget areas, and a cool featured image slider.If you want to download this theme Click here


#2 Tonal

Tonal mainly a greyscale base theme that changes color based on your background color.Tonal support large images and full-width videos .If you like post variation the Tonal has almost all kind of post variation. unfortunate but it’s true this theme doesn’t have any widgets area . if you like that theme you can download it from here

Minimalist WordPress Themes

#1 Casper Best Minimalist WordPress Themes

If you are looking for simple, minimalist theme then Casper is just for you. The Developer create that theme based on Ghost blogging platform. He said Ghost blogging platform inspired him to create such kind of theme. This theme comes with a large banner image with some cool fancy social logo. It’s fully responsive lightweight theme. it supports featured Image. In home page the featured Image place, just right side of your post and it looks really good. if you need that theme you can download it from here

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